Top 100 vBulletin Forums

On a whim I decided to purchase the domain Top 100 vBulletin and put a wsnlinks directory on the site to rank vBulletin forums.

The only requirement is that External Data is turned on giving me access to external.php.

I’m then ranking the forums based on

  • Number of threads
  • Ratings by visitors to the directory
  • Google’s PR

The first set of results are up and they make for interesting viewing. Next week’s will be more telling as each weeks data builds upon the previous week. As the directory is new I’ve seen some interesting effects from the Rating portion. One site I like had a negative ranking and this decimated it’s position, despite reasonable traffic and PR.

The directory is not limited to 100 forums, but the top 100 will get preferential treatment – more links out etc.

Forum Owners

Submission is free, and quick so if your forum isn’t already in there submit it now. Then encourage your users to vote for you as a strong rating will impact on your ranking.

Forum Users

If your favourite vBulletin forum isn’t listed, please add it – the forum owners will thank you for it.

If it is listed, make sure you give it a rating, and even leave a comment.


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