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MoshiMonsters hardly need the publicity since they appear to have a PR company getting them phenomenal publicity. My family discovered these little critters after they got a plug on the News as the Facebook for kids! My boy was signed up within minutes!

We’d been through Club Penguin and I was under significant pressure to start paying monthly fees so I was very glad to find an alternative site to take the heat off!

Like the Cabbage Patch Dolls of earlier generations they use the principal of adoption and take you through the selection process before asking you to commit to joining up. It gives the kids a chance to use the interface and feel comfortable and then the sign up form is so incredibly cute it is a pleasure to fill in. The monsters can either be saccharine sweet or cutely tough.

As expected you get the email to the parents asking them to authorise the access and then the kids can let rip – buying cute nonsense-monster pets and things, meeting up with friends and playing some games that range from very simple to much more complicated.

As a non-advertising site I’m not sure how MoshiMonsters are paying for the ongoing development of the site. It’s been put together by a crowd called Mind Candy and from their recruitment page they appear to be fairly large with a decent venture capital base. Are they expecting the consulting to flow as a result? Lets hope it works because it’s great to have non-commercial sites like MoshiMonsters to entertain our kids 🙂


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  1. August 29, 2008

    Cabbage patch dolls were butt ugly, and I never could understand what all the fuss was about.

    Garbage Pail Kids though, they were cool.

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