That tangled web…

I received an email notification to a forum post I’d participated in this morning, and bang, there went a chunk of time…

water on the beach

The trigger was a new site called PopURLs which is basically a single page aggregator of some of the major feed sites. Nothing radical there but down the bottom there’s the opportunity to post a link yourself. Given the OpenSourceCMS experience I had to check it out and submit a link.

At the same time I thought I’d see if any of the links were actually interesting. Normally at Digg etc I yawn and move on. This time there were a handful of interest. Most notably Christian Montoya’s blog, not so much for the article I actually found but for his 14 Resources for the Artistically Challenged. I’m always on the lookout for nice collections of icons and have already used go-home from the Tango Icon Gallery on some behind the scenes work I’m doing for PropertyTalk.

water on the beach

There are some beautiful images over at stock.xchng but I was amused at a seach for kiwi producing 6 pages of fruit with a handful of shots of kiwi-bird toys.

Guess what?! The birds came first, they are “the” kiwis. The fruit were named after them – and I reckon they should always be called “kiwifruit”.


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