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December 17, 2013 / Technical Discussions

My husband’s beloved Shuttle running Windows XP died last week and in it’s place came Windows 8 with all the changes that neither of us were expecting. Gone was the old Outlook, gone was Word and Excel. After our initial setup woes it stopped feeling so different and it does appear to be quite a nice operating system.

We’ve managed to install Office 2007 and even PageMaker 5 and I’ve added the apps for Gimp and a few other graphics programs.

September 27, 2013 / Technical Discussions
September 13, 2013 / Reviews

I attended a MTB coaching course recently and one of the topics was Risk Assessment and getting medical help. I usually ride in 3 forests with cell phone coverage ranging from adequate to poor to appalling.

I decided it would be useful to find a tool that could map out the forests and give us an indication of where the signal is strongest. I checked out the app store and found “Coverage Map” from RootMetrics (available on Android too). If there are other tools that I missed please let me know.

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